Kayak rent Medevi

This is a fabulous place for paddling amongst forests, islands and – shipwrecks! Rent a kayak for one day or more. This is a self-serve facility. More information provided upon reservation.

Find your way here: Click here for map!
Included: When you rent your kayak at Vätternkajak this is included in the price: kayak, life west, paddle, spray skirt and map.
Time: You get your kayak at 10.00 am and keep them for as long as you’d like, but they should be brought back no later than 9.00 am the following day, cleaned in their boxes ready for the next excursion.
Booking: After making a reservation you’ll receive an email holding instructions on how you lock up and release the kayaks from their storages. Please click here if you like to make a reservation!
What to pack? Dress comfortably! Oftentimes paddlers have dressed too warmly, when you paddle along the shore you generally stay warm. Cotton gets heavy when wet and dries slowly, functional clothes with rainwear on top is a better idea. Bring a bottle of water that you can keep close. In the double kayaks there are waterproof pockets for smaller gadgets such as mobile phones and cameras. Larger bags and things you don’t need whilst paddling can be stored under the front and rear hatches.

To make a reservation – please click here!

75% of our guests have never tried kayaking before. 🙂