Our webpage is mainly in Swedish – sorry about that! We mostly sell kayaks and kayak equipment and that information is usually most interesting for Swedes. But we also have a kayak rental and organize kayak tours with guides – and that’s waht you can read more about here!

Guided Tours
For guided kayak tours in English or Swedish/English – please have a look at the site of our sister company at Woods & Water of Sweden: www.woodsandwater.se
The tours mentioned there are the same tours that we arrange – although the information is in English.
They also have other kinds of tours in our region for those interested in hiking, ziplines and historical places.

We have four rental stations around Lake Vättern. They are situated at Granvik in Västergötland, in Olshammar from where you reach the archipelago in the northern part of the lake. We have one station in Medevi north of Motala, and one at Hästholmen between Omberg and Ödeshög.

There’s a self-service at each station. You can arrive after 10 am, and keep the kayak as long as you like, but maximum till 9 am the next day. If you want to keep it longer, you have to make a reservation for the next day as well.
The prices are 350SEK/ single kayak and 650 SEK/ double kayak.

To make a reservation – use our online booking service at vatternevent.checkfront.com/reserve/ – or send us an email to info@vatternkajak.se.

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